RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK925 60% Foldable Mechanical Keyboard

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  • Note: Deliver to USA only.
  • Foldable Mechanical Keyboard
  • 68 Keys Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard
  • Built-in Stand Holder
  • White Backlit
  • Double Shot ABS Keycaps
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    foldable keyboard foldable mechanical keyboard Bluetooth Folding Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth Folding Keyboard
    Wiereless Folding Keyboard

    Wireless Foldable Mechanical Keyboard 60 percent

    Believe it or not, this is the first generation of foldable Bluetooth keyboards with mechanical switches on the market. This small wireless RK925 foldable mechanical gaming keyboard can connect with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth Mode and has wired mode with USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable.

    Built-in Stand Holder

    For iPad, tablet, phone, gives you the perfect screen angle. What's more, the holder can magnetically attach to the foldable keyboard.

    RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK925 60% Foldable Mechanical Keyboard with Built-in Stand Holder
    RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK925 60% Foldable Mechanical Keyboard
    600mAh Big Mac
    Up to 200 hours with nonstop using under backlight off status, fully charged requires only 2-3 hours. Compact 68 Keys Layout provides typing experience just like the desktop kb you're used to.
    Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard with White Backlit
    Low Profile Mechanical Switches
    Content switches offer the speed, accuracy and performance of a mechanical blue switch at half the height.
    60% Foldable Mechanical Keyboard with Built-in Stand Holder
    Foldable & Portable
    Extremely thin and foldable keyboard can be a perfect gift for anyone who often travel or on a business trip.
    Tech Spec


    Foldable Mechanical Keyboard
    Built-in Stand Holder
    White Backlit
    Double Shot ABS Keycaps


    Item Weight1.37 pounds
    Key Numbers68 Keys
    Wired ConnectorDetachable Type-C Cable
    Operating SystemWindows/iOS/Android

    Package Included

    1 x RK925 Mechanical Keyboard
    1 x User Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Impressed so far.

    This is the 1st day of using it and so far I'm impressed. I'm writing this review with it.

    1st impression. It's tiny and super compact yet feels pretty heavy for its size (Maybe too heavy?)
    It's a mix of metal and plastic, doesn't bend except for the obvious fact that it's foldable.

    The feeling is amazing. The switches are not Cherry MX blue quality but it's damn close. The keys feels less "wiggly" than my $250 g915 clicky, that's for sure.

    The backlighting is good. Not too bright but bright enough to clearly see all the keys in a dark room.

    I'll update this review to depending on Longevity and any other issue that might appear but so far this item is great for on the go mechanical feel.

    Keith F
    Pretty solid low profile keyboard, with very few quirks

    This is a pretty solid keyboard. You can feel its metal construction in the weight, and know that you've got a pretty robust device in hand. I won't go into the common mechanical keyboard features, because it ticks most if not all of the boxes of a device of its type - low profile, blue switches, Bluetooth.

    While the hinging feels fairly robust, the keyboard could have had something to hold it securely open,, like perhaps some magnets in the fold; this would keep one half or the other flopping freely downward when the keyboard is picked up. That might be its one physical flaw as a keyboard.

    While the arms of the tablet stand snap securely into place along the back edge of the keyboard, they move very freely on their own hinges while open. I'd be hard pressed to set something heavier than my phone on the stand, and only really while the keyboard is sitting flat and in place.

    The only other challenge I might have is the sleep timeout value - 60 seconds when off cable and in Bluetooth mode. That counter runs out very fast, and you really don't notice until you start to type and realize that your first word is missing the first letter struck while the keyboard was waking.

    Beyond that, this is a solid addition to my personal arsenal. It's replaced two other wired keyboards attached to my work and home PCs, and I've found it useful for typing longer responses to email and chat threads on my phone as well. My desk is thankful for the minor decluttering.

    Makes a nice "upgrade" on top of laptop keyboards

    This keyboard has a pleasant, low-profile blue switch feel to it and feels solid enough for the price. The sound is just loud enough to provide satisfying feedback, but not wake up the whole house. Bluetooth connectivity and battery have been fine in the few days I've had it.

    One cool application is that due to the thin rubber risers on edge of its underside, this keyboard sits neatly on top of my 11-inch chromebook without depressing any of the laptop's keys underneath. It's raised just high enough to float above them. I imagine it would work the same on a 13-inch MacBook. This makes it a great way to give your laptop a mechanical keyboard upgrade without taking up any more desktop real estate. Recommended!

    User Manual