RK Royal Kludge FAQS


Question: Do the RK Royal Kludge keyboards work on PS4, PS5 or Xbox?

Answer: RK keyboards are compatible with some games of PS4, PS5 and Xbox on wired mode. Our keyboard can't connect with Xbox one, PS4 and PS5 through Bluetooth mode. 


Question: Why the keyboard becomes disconnected in the Bluetooth mode?

Answer: When the battery level is low, the keyboard cannot support the BT function normally, Please re-update the Bluetooth function of the device and fully charge the keyboard.


Question: How to switch wired/Bluetooth mode of RK61?

Answer:  Wired mode: Switch on the back of the keyboard needs to be OFF with cable connected;

Bluetooth mode: Switch ON with the cable disconnected


Question: What is the difference between red, blue, and brown switches exactly?


Red switches feature linear and smooth keystroke, quiet and soft.

Blue switches feature strong tactile feedback, rhythmical and clicky.

Brown switches feature both blue and red, little pump tactile, and not so clicky.


Question: How to maintain and clean the keyboard? Is it washable?


We do not recommend you to wash the keyboard with whatever soaked or running water, easy to clean it with wipes for wiping the mainboard and the switches. (make sure the keyboard is dried before using again)

PS: If you accidentally spill water on the keyboard, just turn the keyboard upside down, force the water to shake out, and then put it aside, do not immediately use, after a period of time, and so the water naturally evaporates dry can be used.


Question: Is the RK Royal Kludge hot swappable? What kind of switch can be replaced?


The RK61, RK68, RK84, RK84PRO, RK89 and RK96 are hot swappable while the RK87, RK920 and RK925 are not hot swappable. They are compatible with 98% mechanical switches in the market. Compare RK keyboards.


Question: How to reset the RK Royal Kludge keyboard?


Click "Restore factory settings" in the software while the keyboard is wired connected.

or Most RK keyboards are press FN+Spacebar to restore default for RGB backlit keyboards. As for RK87, press FN+left ctrl+ESC to reset.


Question: How to connect RK61 Royal Kludge keyboard bluetooth?


1. Make sure that the switch on the back of the keyboard is "ON".

2. Select a set of wireless modes to be connected through Fn+Q/W/E, such as Fn+Q short press

(Full keyboard backlight blinks several times)

3. Press Fn+Q for 3 seconds, at which time the Q key flickers continuously and enters the BT matching code.

4. Open the computer/mobile BT, search and connect the device.

Successful connection, Q key stop flickering. Complete. By analogy, repeating the above steps, Q/W/E can be stored in three wireless devices and switched.


Question: Royal Kludge RK61 how to switch to different light mode?

Answer:  Pressing Fn+\| (which is on right up corner under Delete key) to switch the light mode. Learn More about key combinations of RK61 keyboard here