RK Royal Kludge Reviews: Honest User Experiences and Ratings

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Its nice keyboard

I like the keyboard, would be nice to try with red switches

As advertised, crisp, clean and sounds amazing. Would recommend!

A dream keyboard

The keys caps came dirty the box was ripped and the keyboard only stayed one color and the keys where switched

Perfect, beautiful color. The built is sturdy. The keyboard has a satisfying click to them.

S98 96%

Love the layout, color scheme and typing experience. Battery drains way too quckly

This keyboard has a smart display where you can control lighting effects, volume, display time, and custom gifs! It’s also hot-swappable and comes with pre-lubed linear pale or viridian switches!

I’ve had it for a month or two and I’ve loved using it!

I’m not a full-sized keeb kind of guy but I love the little led screen and volume knob that it comes with. Plus the switches are satisfying!

This keyboard is soooo heavenly!!

This is the RK Kludge S98 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. It is very high quality and feels amazing to type on. I got mine in the color “sky blue” and it is gorgeous!✨🫶🏻

Here are the specs:
Triple-mode wireless keyboard
Smart display and knob
Well-lubed stabilizers
96 keys
DIY software supports
Hot-Swappable RK Well-Lubed Switches
3750 mAh Battery Capacity
1 build in USB pass through port, 1 type-c port, and 1 2.4G dongle slot

Viskas puikiai

Viskas puikiai

The package came in with no deformities, the keyboard types well and sounds good stock. Build of the keyboard is very solid and a hefty weight to it.

RK61 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Single Color Backlit)



Clean aesthetic

Does everything I’d need it to do for a decent price compared to other companies.

The RK61 Mechanical Keyboard

This right here my go-to for when I’m typing up those long scripts! 🚀 Its Responsive, comfy. But when it comes to gaming, I’d suggest looking elsewhere.


🔵 Triple Mode Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4Ghz dongle, USB-C wired. ⌨️

🔵 Compact 60% Design: Maximizes desk space. 🖱️🖥️

🔵 Hot-swappable PCB: Customize switches hassle-free. 🔧

🔵 Long-lasting Battery: Up to 13 hours use, 360 hours standby. 🔋

🔵 Dynamic Backlit Modes: Choose from 17 dynamic options. 💡

🔵 DIY Software Support: Get creative with customization! 💻✨

new keeb build

♡ RK68 65% wireless keeb

The keyboard is nice and it sounds a lot better than my old one, it feels like like the switches and stabilizers are lubed

RK84 75% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

For an entry level mechanical keyboard. It's a decent starting point. Key caps are okay, the switches feel great though. The screen in the top right is a little janky though.

Best 50€ keyboard?

Well i have the keyboard for currently 2 weeks and all i can say is that for its price its really worth of it

If not the best mech keyboard...

I use S98 for about a month now and feels like one of the best keyboards out there (trust me tried a lot). When adding its price to the equation then is near perfect. Thocky, comfortable, with nice typing feel, quiet yet precise and equipped with a display which is far from gimmick as it gives you a bunch of functionality. After all a great value for money option.

The right amount of click

As an office worker, a keyboard is necessary for comfort. This is my at home keyboard I plan to use for gaming and it is everything I wanted for a price tag I could afford. Love it!!

RK61 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Single Color Backlit)

RK84 Wireless RGB Limited Edition Keyboard