ROYAL KLUDGE RK68 68 Keys Wireless 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - White Brown Switch

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  • 65% Layout, Compact Practical
  • Hot-swappable Tactile Brown Switches
  • DIY Software Supports & 1450mAh Battery
  • Single Blue, Abundant Dynamic
  • Wired and Wireless Available
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    white wireless 65 keyboard with brown switches 65 white wireless mechanical keyboard with brown switches 65 white mechanical keyboard kit with brown switches 65% sized white mechanical keyboard with brown switches 65% sized mechanical white keyboard with with brown switches 65% gaming wireless keyboard with brown switches
    rk 65% white wireless keyboard with brown switches
    68 Keys, Just Perfect
    65% compact designed layout with individual arrow keys and control keys, which is a huge optimization of 60% and 70% layout. Still compact size with more friendly and easier command input.
    65% white keyboard with brown switches
    Practical Extra 7 Keys
    RK68 boasts both practical and compact features while retaining a minimalist layout and it also geared with arrow keys and frequently used control keys.
    Practice 65 Keyboard Kit with brown switches
    Dual Modes with 6 Devices
    Equipped with an upgraded chip, RK68 is able to connect and save 5 wireless bluetooth devices at the same time. Easy to switch among the devices with shortcut keys, and one more device support with a wired USB-C cable.
    RK61 White RK84 White RK71 White RK68 White RK87 Wihte
    Keys Layout 61 keys 84 keys 71 keys 68 keys 87 keys
    Connection Bluetooth (3 devices) 2.4Ghz + Bluetooth (3 devices) Bluetooth (5 devices) Bluetooth (5 devices) 2.4Ghz Wireless
    Backlight Blue RGB RGB Blue RGB
    Switches Blue Brown Brown Brown Brown
    Size 289*103*39mm 315*125*39mm 330*102*37mm 309*103*39mm 360*135*39mm
    Weight 0.50kg 0.79kg 0.64kg 0.60kg 1.10kg
    Battery Capacity 1450mAh 3750mAh 1000mAh 1450mAh 1850mAh
    Tech Spec


    Easily 5 different devices switchable with FN + Q/W/E/R/T in wireless mode
    Dual Modes with 6 Devices
    Swappable Tactile Brown Switch
    1450 mAh Battery Life
    DIY Software Supports
    68 Keys Compact Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard with Stand-Alone Arrow/Control Keys


    Key Switch Brown Switch
    Net Weight0.6 kg
    Operating Force55±10g
    Key Numbers68 Keys
    Key Life>50 million times
    Battery Capacity1450 mAh
    Keycap Type ABS Double Shot Keycaps

    Package Included

    1 x RK68 mechanical keyboard
    1 x User Manual

    Customer Reviews

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    Great Keyboard!

    I've had this board for a few weeks now. The quality of the board is good and the switches are nice. I love how I can seamlessly connect to my other devices at a touch of button. Overall, I would say that the RK68 is a really great board for its price!!

    User Manual