ROYAL KLUDGE Sink87G 87 Keys RGB 2.4G Wireless TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Black Tactile Brown Switches

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  • 87 Keys No Numpad Tenkeyless Compact 2.4G Wireless Keyboard
  • Tactile Brown Switches
  • Wired and Wireless
  • 2.4G Wireless Keyboard With Exceptional Macro Settings
  • Energy Saving and Durable
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    RK ROYAL KLUDGE Sink87G RGB Wireless TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 87 Keys No Numpad Tenkeyless Compact 2.4G Wireless Keyboard
    87 Keys No Numpad Tenkeyless Compact 2.4G Wireless Keyboard with Tactile Brown Switches RK ROYAL KLUDGE Sink87G RGB Wireless TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    rk tkl keyboard RK ROYAL KLUDGE Sink87G RGB Wireless TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    87 Keys No Numpad Tenkeyless Compact 2.4G Wireless Keyboard with Tactile Brown Switches
    Wired and Wireless
    Equipped with ultra-fast 2.4G wireless transmission technology, this keyboard is more stable and reliable, the transmission distance is up to 10 meters(approx 30ft). Also, comes with a detachable USB cable, you can easily charge the keyboard as well as shifting to wired mode per your needs..
    Sink87G RGB Wireless TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    87 Keys Design
    The compact 87-keys space-saving and ultra-thin mechanical keyboard design frees up a workspace on your desk, makes you feel more comfortable. Portable design, easy to bring to any places you need.
    RK ROYAL KLUDGE Sink87G RGB Wireless TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    Ergonomic 8° Angle or Add a Pad Foot
    The tested comfortable Ergonomic 8°angle might not meet every users’ need, so we give them other options to choose from. Add a magnetic pad foot or not, is up to your definition of comfort.
    RK61 White RK84 White RK71 White RK68 White RK87 Wihte
    Keys Layout 61 keys 84 keys 71 keys 68 keys 87 keys
    Connection Bluetooth (3 devices) 2.4Ghz + Bluetooth (3 devices) Bluetooth (3 devices) Bluetooth (3 devices) 2.4Ghz Wireless
    Backlight Blue RGB RGB Blue RGB
    Switches Blue Brown Brown Brown Brown
    Size 289*103*39mm 315*125*39mm 330*102*37mm 309*103*39mm 360*135*39mm
    Weight 0.50kg 0.79kg 0.64kg 0.60kg 1.10kg
    Battery Capacity 1450mAh 3750mAh 1000mAh 1450mAh 1850mAh
    Tech Spec


    Support 3 sets of macro recording function: FN+Ctrl+Q/W/E
    8 kinds of RGB backlight mode cycle switching
    Support 9 sets custom backlight modes
    The keyboard will be in a wired mode when connecting with USB cable and receiver at the same time. ( wireless/wired mode can be shifted automatically)
    Brightness control easily: Press FN+”↑” to increase the brightness, click FN+”↓” to decrease the brightness
    Smart power saving mode: Sink-87 will turn into sleep mode if no operation on the keyboard for 3 minutes
    Smart wake up mode: You can press any keys to wake it up


    Key Switch Brown Switch
    Dimension14.3 x 5.4 x 1.6 inches(36.4*13.7*4cm)
    Net Weight1.1kg
    Operating Force55±10g
    Key Numbers87 Keys
    Key Life>50 million times
    Operating Current300mA
    Operating SystemWindows XP/Win2000/Win7/Win8/Win10/Mac
    BatteryBuilt-in 1850mA lithium battery
    Keycap Type ABS Double Shot Keycaps
    Interface Type 2.4G Receiver or USB Port

    Package Included

    1 x Sink-87 mechanical keyboard
    1 x Receiver
    1 x Removable USB cable
    1 x User Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    THis is too good for 5 stars i am sorry

    i have not bought this keyboards i just do not think it is fair to judge a keyboard by one singular review that sais it is 5 stars.also i am a 82 year old woman so you cannot suee me. YouTube video placeholder
    S. Church
    Great mech for the price

    Update: After almost a full year the keyboard is still performing like new for me. I've only needed to plug it in to charge maybe once a month, all the keys are perfectly responsive, all colors illuminate on all keys, and I can find nothing to complain about. Indeed, I'm not sure whether it's because I've acclimated to the feel of this keyboard or because the switches are getting broken in, but I find typing on this keyboard effortless and highly enjoyable. I suspect the people complaining about bad battery life are overcharging. I never leave mine plugged longer than overnight.

    Original review: This keyboard's Outemu Brown switches produce a more obvious tactile bump than the Cherry MX Browns on my Das Keyboard at work, and so require slightly more pressure to activate. That's not to say these aren't still light touch keys, though. I can still type on them at a normal speaking tempo without bottoming out on my keystrokes. They require noticeably less force to actuate than my wife's Cherry MX Speed Silvers on her Corsair K70. At the moment, these Outemus make the tactile bump in the Cherry MX Browns at work feel almost accidental by comparison (which I've always experienced as more of a vague scrape than a tactile bump anyway). We'll see whether that's still true after a couple months' break-in. (Edit: After 3 months, the tactile bump is still significantly more pronounced on the Outemu Browns than on Cherry MX Browns. Edit 2: After 7 months, the tactile bump is still plainly present, although it never draws my attention unless I'm actively considering it.)

    The lighting effects in this keyboard are trippy. You can cycle through lighting modes and record macros using key combinations, but the software downloadable from the rkgaming website makes customizing easier. When you go to download the software, DO NOT use Google Translate, and do not click the English flag. The file host's download link will not appear on Google's translation. Just Ctrl+F and search for 键盘驱动 on the rkgaming home page, then find Sink87G on the resulting page. That takes you where you need to be.

    This keyboard seems well-assembled. There are no dead LEDs, none of the stabilizers seem misaligned, and all of the keys are responsive. Using the ripple lighting effect, battery capacity is plenty. I've had this keyboard on a single charge for about a month so far with usually around 1 - 4 hours per day of use. I had to send my first keyboard back as defective, but Amazon's generous return policy and Prime shipping ensured I eventually got a working keyboard. Just bear in mind at this price, you might have to play a bit of quality control. Just be patient, and you'll end up with a nice mech keyboard for 1/3 or 1/4 the cost of more boutique keyboards at similar quality.

    User Manual