What Do YouTubers Think of the N80?

What Do YouTubers Think of the N80?


Hey keyboard enthusiasts! Curious about the Royal Kludge RK N80? Look no further! We've gathered YouTube's top reviews to give you the scoop on this sleek mechanical marvel. From unboxing experiences to in-depth typing tests and real-world usage scenarios, find out what the online community has to say about the RKN80's performance, design, and overall value. Whether you're considering an upgrade or simply intrigued by the latest in keyboard technology, this compilation is your ultimate guide to unlocking the full potential of the RKN80. Let's dive in!

Yev REVIEW---Maximize Your Productivity with RK N80 Keyboard!

"The smart display screen is really a main feature and major selling point of this keyboard. It can display custom GIFs, connection modes, battery status, and more. The adjacent knob provides intuitive control, allowing you to adjust the volume, background brightness, and switch RGB modes. This display screen is a handy tool for checking battery status and switching connection modes, enabling seamless transitions between different devices."

"The N80 comes with low-profile arcade switches, which have a short activation distance, providing faster response times compared to normal mechanical switches. This makes it great for both gaming and typing. Let's put this mechanical keyboard from Royal Kludge to the test. In fast-paced FPS games, the low-profile switches offer quick response times, making every keystroke count due to their shorter travel distance. For office work, typing on this keyboard feels smooth and responsive, thanks to the brown switches. If you prefer linear switches, red linear switches are also available."



keebdude REVIEW---This might be the ULTIMATE travel keyboard...

"Let's take a closer look at the N80. It has an exploded 75% layout with some light indicators in the top left and a really cool screen in the top right corner. The case is made of plastic but feels really sturdy and well-made. The side profile looks great, showing both the top and bottom cases. The back side has the USB port on the right side, while the left side features the on/off switch and two USB-C connection ports, which is nice to see. The underside of the keyboard is pretty standard, with four rubber feet and adjustable feet. The TFT screen displays basic information like the time, date, and battery status, but you can also upload your own GIFs, which is a really cool feature."

"So, what do I think of the typing experience and the sound? The sound is on the deeper and quieter side, and for a low-profile keyboard, it's pretty decent. The typing experience is quite stiff due to the top-mounted design, but the pre-lubed brown switches make it rewarding. The low-profile design also provides a more comfortable typing angle for my wrists compared to normal keyboards. I also let my friend, who uses a GMMK Pro, try this keyboard for a few days. He was really impressed by the case quality, the switches, and how easy the screen and software were to use. He also appreciated the low typing angle."



MechTech Keyboards---Royal Kludge RK N80 Low Profile 3-Mode 75% Review and Sound Test

"This is the first low-profile keyboard with a display that I've reviewed. The other low-profile keyboards I've reviewed didn't have displays. Let me be frank: I know displays on keyboards are more of an aesthetic feature, but I do like it, especially when it has a clock. I have clocks everywhere, but I still appreciate looking down at my keyboard and knowing the time. Having the time around helps me stay in touch with my schedule and what I need to get done before it's time to eat, rest, and relax. I also like that the display is multi-functional. If I wanted to, I could customize it with anything, like an anime logo or an animated arch logo, depending on my mood. This allows me to personalize the keyboard to my liking. The fact that this keyboard has both a knob and a display, and does so in a classy way, is something I love."

"The layout is still functional for me. I would map the under layer of keys like Delete to Insert, Home, and End, and I’d have all the keys I need to work with. For a low-profile keyboard, it's actually quite good."

"It appears that Royal kludge is updating their software for this keyboard. Although it is closed-source software, in my opinion, it's one of the better packages available. It includes both an actual function layer and profiles, as well as a tap layer. For those unfamiliar with the tap layer, it allows you to assign a specific function to a key when you quickly tap it. If you press and hold the key for more than a set amount of time (usually configurable), it will perform its default function. Typically, if the tap is less than 200 milliseconds, it activates the programmed function, but if you press and hold for more than 250 milliseconds, it will perform the default action."

"The software also supports per-key RGB lighting and offers a comprehensive suite for macros, including repeat timings and other settings. The screen uploader is integrated into the software package, allowing you to move around the scene if the image or GIF is larger than the screen can handle. However, it does take a considerable amount of time to upload."



MechWhisper---Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Review

"OLED Screen on a knob This 2-in-1 design is smart, as it not only saves space, but also allows for a larger screen. What's also special about this keyboard is that there's an additional USB pass-through that you can plug other USB devices into The build quality of this keyboard is also really good for a plastic keyboard I'm surprised by how heavy it is, considering its thinness. This keyboard also uses a top mount design which provides an even sound and typing feel Internally, it has 2 layers of sound-absorbing foams and a silicone bottom dampening pad this minimizes hollow sounds and makes the keyboard quieter."

"I'd say it sits in the middle of the spectrum suitable for people who wants a quiet and portable keyboard for office use and yet still feel the joy of typing on a mechanical keyboard."




Ready to take your typing experience to the next level? With rave reviews from YouTube's finest, the Royal Kludge RKN80 is a keyboard worth considering.

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