RK96 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Video Review - May 2022

RK96 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Video Review - May 2022

I Upgraded My Royal Kludge RK96 Keyboard With Some MODS - Durock L2, AKKO PBT Keycaps, PCB Tape

-By DannyzReviews

" It got a very positive review from and became my favourite keyboard"



The Best Budget Full Size Hot-Swapable Wireless Gaming Keyboard

-By Visionix

"It is a very beautiful keyboard and I actually really like the design"


Royal Kludge RK96 | Feature-rich mechanical keyboard review

-By Earl Malaki

“At 79.99 USD, the RK96 boasts 96 hot-swappable keys, a volume wheel and mute key, built-in sound dampener foam, free magnetic wrist rest, four spare switches, and a standard switch + keycap puller”


Royal Kludge RK96 unboxing, review and sound test (red RK switches) - best budget keyboard?

-By The Provoked Prawn

 "This is the Provoked Prawn and this is the Royal Kludge RK96 which is an insanely good keyboard for the money, better than most of the gaming keyboards I've tried, including those from Razer, Corsair and whoever else you'd care to mention. Especially when you consider the price point"



Royal Kludge 96 Keyboard Review and Typing Test (2022)

-By SoulOfTech

I think the RK96 can justify its price for the most part and in some ways even exceed it.


RK96 vs K98: work & play on a 96% layout

-By IO Sam

"The rk96 is the perfect workhorse keyboard for the office or for the home office. F  or anyone who is on a budget but still cares about what they type on every day and don't want a loud and readily board"