RK61 Keyboard Video Review - April 2022

RK61 Keyboard Video Review - April 2022

Royal Kludge RK61 Modding Guide (Step by Step Tutorial)

-By Consumer Tech Review

"If you're trying to figure out what mods to do to your RK Royal Kludge RK61 or don't know how to mod it, this video should help you figure out all your budget-friendly mods that you can make to your RK61"



Royal Kludge RK61 vs RK71 Mechanical Keyboard 

-By Consumer Tech Review

"The Royal Kludge RK71 is a fantastic budget 70% mechanical keyboard, while the Royal Kludge RK61 60% Mechanical Keyboard is an amazing 60% keyboard at a really good price point"


Honestly, I bought the best keyboard under $50

-By Switch and Click

"For fifty dollars there's not much to complain about here there's a lot of praise for this board. I really like it i really recommend it. It's probably one of the best mechanical 60 at its price point"



RK61 mechanical keyboard unboxing (2022)

-By Kai Notebook

"It's the Royal Kludge 61, a 60% wireless keyboard. I bought the red outemu switches version, and so far, this is great for my productivity! "


RK61 Modding Tutorial | Custom Budget Keyboard Under $150

-By ItsHexical

"If you have ever wanted to build your own keyboard, but didn't know where to start - then the RK61 is a perfect budget option to begin with!"