RK68 (RK855) RGB Wireless/Wired 65% Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review

RK68 (RK855) RGB Wireless/Wired 65% Compact Mechanical Keyboard

I have used plenty of keyboard for casual use, work, and gaming. Here are my thoughts on this one.

- Easy to set up: Provided power cord plugs into any USB wall charger to use while plugged in or can unplug and use the keyboard on the battery. Setting up Bluetooth to connect to a device was super simple with the manual.

- Can connect to 5 devices: Can sync the keyboard via Bluetooth to up to 5 devices. I connected it to my laptop and my phone and it was super simple to switch the device it was connected to.

- Solid keys: The keys have the feel you would expect of a mechanical keyboard. The take a little bit of force and make a little noise so if you are a fan of this as well, this will feel as you'd hope. Keys had a nice texture as well. If you ever need to clean a key or get something out from within the keyboard, you are also provided a special tool to take a key off; just take both wire U-shaped under a corner of a key and pull straight up.

- Nice design: The white color looks very clean and having the brand on the side so it's present but not standing out was pleasant to the eye

- THE LIGHTS: This keyboard has so many settings for the blue lights, you won't know which to pick. Some static, some change over time, some have effects when you press a key. My favorite is when I press a key, that one has a slight pulse. Please watch my video to see all the effects.


rk68 keyboard

- The screws: With the keyboard having such a nice white color and the blue light, the shiny silver screws can be seen within the keyboard with the light on. They aren't super noticeable unless staring at them but just a minor thing when admiring the lights.

- The spacebar: The spacebar "wiggles" slightly more than my larger mechanical keyboard so it makes a different sound than the other keys but after a few hours of using it, it became just another background sound and I almost forgot about it but those with acute hearing might notice it.

Overall, if you are looking for a compact mechanical keyboard with a good design, fun lighting options, and the capability to be used and transitioned for several devices, this is the keyboard for you.

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