RK M75, RK96, and RK S98 Keyboards– Which One is Right For You?

RK M75, RK96, and RK S98 Keyboards– Which One is Right For You?


In this blog post, we embark on a journey to dissect and evaluate the RK Royal Kludge M75, RK96, and RK S98 keyboards. Our aim is to provide readers with a comprehensive comparison that elucidates the nuances of each keyboard, empowering them to make informed decisions when selecting the perfect keyboard to suit their needs.


Table of Contents:


1. RK Royal Kludge M75, RK96, and RK S98 keyboards Overview

Here's a comparative overview of the key specifications of the RK Royal Kludge M75, RK96, and RK S98:


In-Depth Comparative Analysis

In these parts, we'll dive deep into the RK M75, RK96, and RK S98 keyboards across layout, interface types, functionality, and structure. By highlighting their differences and similarities, you can make informed choices based on your preferences and needs. Let's explore the intricacies of these mechanical keyboards to find the perfect fit.

2. Layout

Understanding the Different Layout Options

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the layout is a crucial aspect that greatly influences user experience and functionality. Let's delve deeper into the layout options offered by the RK M75, RK96, and RK S98 keyboards, discussing their advantages, disadvantages, and suitability for various usage scenarios.

2.1 RK M75: TKL 75% Layout, 81 keys - Compact and Functional

The RK M75 boasts a Tenkeyless (TKL) 75% layout, featuring 81 keys in a compact design. This layout eliminates the numeric keypad, resulting in a smaller footprint while retaining essential keys for productivity and gaming.


  • Compact size saves desk space.
  • Retains essential keys for productivity and gaming.
  • Portable design for on-the-go usage.
  • Disadvantages:

  • Lack of numeric keypad may inconvenience users who frequently input numbers.
  • Not suitable for users accustomed to full-size keyboards.
  • 2.2 RK96: 90% Layout, 96 keys - Versatile and Balanced

    The RK96 features a 90% layout, offering a balance between compactness and functionality with its 96 keys. This layout retains most standard keys while reducing the overall size compared to full-size keyboards.


  • More keys compared to TKL layout for enhanced functionality.
  • Balanced size suitable for various usage scenarios.
  • Suitable for users who require a compact yet versatile keyboard.
  • Disadvantages:

  • These keyboards are still on the larger end of the spectrum compared to TKL keyboards.The keys being more tightly compacted together can lead to awkward typing and impact comfort levels.
  • 2.3 RK S98: 90% Layout, 98 keys - Comprehensive and Spacious

    The RK S98 features a 90% layout with 98 keys, offering a comprehensive keyset while maintaining a relatively compact form factor. This layout includes additional function keys PGUP, PGDN compared to the RK96, providing added convenience and functionality for users who rely heavily on these keys.


  • Comprehensive keyset with numberpad,dedicated arrow keys and navigation cluster.
  • Suitable for users who require additional keys for productivity and gaming.
  • Balanced size offers both functionality and desk space efficiency compared to full-siez keyboard
  • Disadvantages:

  • Slightly larger footprint compared to TKL and RK96 layouts.
  • May be too spacious for users seeking ultra-compact keyboards.
  • In summary, each layout has its advantages and considerations. While the RK M75 excels in portability and space-saving design, the RK96 and RK S98 cater to users who require a more extensive keyset for diverse tasks.

    When selecting the right layout, consider your usage habits, space constraints, and preference for additional keys. Whether you prioritize compactness, versatility, or comprehensive functionality, there's a layout option among the RK Royal Kludge keyboards to suit your needs.

    3. Keyboard Interfaces: Exploring Connectivity Options

    In this section, we'll delve into the interface variations of the RK M75, RK96, and RK S98 keyboards, analyzing the types and quantities of ports provided, and evaluating their suitability for different devices and user demographics.

    Comparison of Interface Types and Quantities:

  • RK M75: The RK M75 is equipped with two Type-C ports, with one dedicated for charging purposes. It's well-suited for professionals and gamers who prioritize portability and compatibility with the latest typc-C devices, ensuring uninterrupted usage even during charging sessions.
  • Blog_image_2

  • RK96 : Featuring one Type-C port for charging and 2 USB-A ports for additional connectivity, the RK96 strikes a balance between modern and legacy compatibility, providing users with versatile options for device connectivity, such as mouse, headsets, hard disk, etc.
  • RK S98 : Similarly, RK S98 offers one Type-C port for charging and two USB-A ports for additional connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with various devices while prioritizing charging capabilities. Ideal for office environments and home setups where charging capability is essential for prolonged usage.
  • 4. Volume Control and Display Features

    The inclusion of volume control mechanisms and display features further distinguishes these keyboards. While the RK M75 and RK S98 utilize volume knobs for intuitive control, the RK96 opts for a volume scroll design. Additionally, the RK M75 and RK S98 feature OLED Smart Displays, offering enhanced functionality such as battery status and mode switching.

    However, compared to RK M75, RK S98 offers a more variety function via the knob control and screen display.

    Display Screen Functionality:

  • RK M75: The RK M75 boasts an OLED screen that displays essential information such as battery level, current operating mode (WIN/MAC), and connectivity status (wired/2.4G/Bluetooth). Users can utilize the rotary knob to adjust volume, switch between modes, and toggle devices effortlessly.
  • Blog_image_5

  • RK S98 : Beside display battery level, current operating mode (WIN/MAC), and connectivity status (wired/2.4G/Bluetooth), RK S98 offers additional functionalities such as custom GIF image display, date, adjust RGB mode/color and backlit brightness/speed. Users can use the rotary knob to control and adjust the functions, providing a comprehensive control experience.
  • Blog_image_1

  • RK96 : Unlike the other two keyboards, the RK96 does not feature a display screen. However, it still provides volume control functionality through its scroll wheel mechanism.
  • 5. Structural Comparison

    In this section, we'll examine and compare the structure of the RK M75, RK96, and RK S98 keyboards, including mounting style and internal sound dampening layer.

    The mounting style of a keyboard significantly influences its typing feel and sound. Moreover, differences in internal padding, such as foam and silicone gel, contribute to variations in typing experience and sound levels as well.


    RK M75:  The RK M75 adopts a gasket-mounted structure, utilizing a rubber gasket between the plate and PCB. This design minimizes keystroke noise and enhances stability, providing a satisfying tactile feel with reduced vibration.

    It incorporates two layers of internal padding, including foam padding and silicone gel padding at the bottom. This combination effectively absorbs vibrations and reduces keystroke noise, resulting in a quieter typing experience with enhanced stability.

    RK96: In contrast, the RK96 features a top-mounted structure, positioning switches directly onto the top plate of the keyboard. This design offers a firm keystroke and increased feedback, contributing to a traditional typing experience.

    It includes two layers of internal padding, comprising EVA sound dampener and foam padding at the bottom. These layers dampen keystroke noise and provide a stable typing platform, delivering a comfortable and consistent typing experience.

    Additionally, it is worth noting that,RK96 comes with an additional magnetic wrist rest

    RK S98: Similar to the RK96, the RK S98 also features a top-mounted structure. However, it boasts additional layers of internal padding, including PORON dampening foam, IXPE switch pad, foam dampener, and silicone gel padding at the bottom. This multi-layered padding system further dampens keystroke noise, enhances typing comfort,and ensures a stable typing platform, making it an excellent choice for users who prioritize a quiet and tactile typing experience. making it an ideal choice for users seeking a premium typing experience.

    In summary , while the RK M75 and RK96 offer stable typing platforms with reduced noise levels, the RK S98 provides superior noise reduction and comfort features. Depending on individual preferences regarding typing feel and noise levels, you can select the keyboard that best aligns with your needs.

    References and Further Reading: Keyboard Mounting Styles.

    6.Conclusion: Making an Informed Choice

    In the final section, we'll summarize our findings and evaluate the value proposition offered by each keyboard model. We'll consider factors such as features, performance, and target audience, helping readers make informed decisions based on their preferences and requirements.

    RK M75 stands out for its compact TKL 75% layout, making it ideal for users prioritizing portability and desk space efficiency. With advanced features such as OLED smart display and gasket-mounted structure, it provides excellent value for budget-conscious consumers seeking versatility and functionality.

    RK96 offers a balance between size and functionality with its 90% layout and 96 keys. It provides a larger key count compared to the M75, along with additional wrist rest, appealing to users who seek comfort typing and required number pad without sacrificing too much space.

    On the other hand, the RK S98 targets enthusiasts and professionals with its premium features and performance. Priced higher than the M75 and RK96, it offers superior functionality, including a customizable OLED display and advanced typing experience, making it suitable for users demanding top-tier performance and customization options.

    In conclusion, the choice among the RK M75, RK96, and RK S98 keyboards depends on individual preferences, budget constraints, and specific usage scenarios. Whether prioritizing affordability, versatility, or premium features, there's a RK Royal Kludge keyboard tailored to meet your needs.