ROYAL KLUDGE RK68 68 Keys Wireless 65% Blue Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Hot-Swappable Blue Switch

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  • 65% Layout, Compact Practical
  • Hot-swappable Tactile Blue Switches
  • DIY Software Supports & 1450mAh Battery
  • Single Blue, Abundant Dynamic
  • Wired and Wireless Available
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    white wireless 65 keyboard 65 white wireless mechanical keyboard 65 white mechanical keyboard kit 65% sized white mechanical keyboard 65% sized mechanical white keyboard with blue switches 65% gaming wireless keyboard
    rk 65% white wireless keyboard
    68 Keys, Just Perfect
    65% compact designed layout with individual arrow keys and control keys, which is a huge optimization of 60% and 70% layout. Still compact size with more friendly and easier command input.
    65% white keyboard
    Practical Extra 7 Keys
    RK68 boasts both practical and compact features while retaining a minimalist layout and it also geared with arrow keys and frequently used control keys.
    Practice 65 Keyboard Kit
    Dual Modes with 4 Devices
    Equipped with an upgraded chip, RK68 is able to connect and save 3 wireless bluetooth devices at the same time. Easy to switch among the devices with shortcut keys, and one more device support with a wired USB-C cable.
    RK61 White RK84 White RK71 White RK68 White RK87 Wihte
    Keys Layout 61 keys 84 keys 71 keys 68 keys 87 keys
    Connection Bluetooth (3 devices) 2.4Ghz + Bluetooth (3 devices) Bluetooth (3 devices) Bluetooth (3 devices) 2.4Ghz Wireless
    Backlight Blue RGB RGB Blue RGB
    Switches Blue Brown Brown Brown Brown
    Size 289*103*39mm 315*125*39mm 330*102*37mm 309*103*39mm 360*135*39mm
    Weight 0.50kg 0.79kg 0.64kg 0.60kg 1.10kg
    Battery Capacity 1450mAh 3750mAh 1000mAh 1450mAh 1850mAh
    Tech Spec


    Easily 3 different devices switchable with FN + Q/W/E/R/T in wireless mode
    Dual Modes with 6 Devices
    Swappable Tactile Blue Switch
    1450 mAh Battery Life
    DIY Software Supports
    68 Keys Compact Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard with Stand-Alone Arrow/Control Keys


    Key Switch Blue Switch
    Net Weight0.6 kg
    Operating Force55±10g
    Key Numbers68 Keys
    Key Life>50 million times
    Battery Capacity1450 mAh
    Keycap Type ABS Double Shot Keycaps

    Package Included

    1 x RK68 mechanical keyboard
    1 x User Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Nice keyboard, Hot swappable with 3 pin switches

    And in case anyone else noob like me needs it:
    Settings > General > Keyboard > Hardware Keyboard > Modifier Keys > Change the “^ Control” to a “Command” key and you’ll be able to use shortcuts like CTRL+A again.

    For the sale price I got it at, super nice keyboard. Pretty hefty, and indeed hot swappable with 3 pin switches. (I’m a monster who swapped out all the clicky blue switches for the THICC clicky kailh box jade switches) They also included some extra switches, a keycap remover as well as a switch remover in the pack as well, which is amazing. I wish I knew that before I bought a switch/keycap remover tool. Theres no battery indicator, which I dont really mind. HOWEVER, the instructions are a bit unclear, it took me a second to realize i needed to change the keyboard settings for ctrl if I paired this with my ipad.

    Fun gaming keyboard

    Purchased for a teen gamer. He loves the sound and colors. Keyboard is responsive and keys can be changed for different styles.

    Leszli S.
    Definitely recommend the RK68 for a budget mechanical board.

    Overall I am quite happy with my purchase.

    (My use for this board is 100% wired)
    - Good weight and great compact size for any desk.

    - Was first a bit skeptical about the key sizes, but grew to really like them.

    - For the price, the blue switches do not feel cheap at all.

    - USB-C over USB-Micro is always appreciated!

    - Made a mistake when first looking through the description--thought this was an RGB board. The only colour on the board is a blue ice-like colour, but it's super bright and surprisingly looks pretty sleek on my desk. I'm actually glad that I have this colour instead of the RGB!

    - Wish that the CapsLock had an indicator light.

    - No volume control for Windows (not at all a deal breaker for me though).

    - The lights do not have an option to always be on, even when using the cable instead of bluetooth (again, not really a deal breaker).

    Best bang for the money

    Amazing build quality, with no rattling or flex. Keycaps feel very nice to the touch and the typing experience is very nice. Some keystrokes, as the space bar, feel so satisfying, its amazing. I don't know if it has any lubing but it sounds and feels amazing.
    No problems with pairing devices or connetivity issues. Very intuitive to switch lighting modes and the rgb is gorgeous!
    It's a very good looking keyboard. It has been my main keyboard for gaming and programming as well. 100% recomend this keyboard for everyone looking for a small form factor keyboard with a ton of features and gaming capabilities.
    It also has some room for custom keycaps, wich I personly like.
    Would be nice if they included a braided cable but all in all it's a very good value keyboard, absolutly love it.

    User Manual